Punat – Everything to do with olives

Punat – Everything to do with olives Every October, Punat on the island of Krk, traditionally organizes a recognizable tourist and hospitality event called Days of Olives. During this event olive growing and olive oil production is promoted as an indigenous, original brand. The olive harvest and oil production are an attractive tourist offer and guests of Krk are presented with all the riches of this medicinal fruit. During Days of olives, which will this year be held from 1-9 October, there will be numerous exhibitions, exhibition sales, the «Miss Olives» beauty pagent, a gastronomy procession, workshops for olive producers, organized olive picking and many other activities. There will also be tastings of special olive based dishes and olive oil in Punat hotels, pubs and restaurants.

The best chefs from all over Croatia come to Punat during this event and compete in preparation of olive based dishes.

Punat is located on the south coast of the island of Krk, and eight kilometres from the town of Krk. The name Punat comes from the Latin word Pons, which means bridge, because it is possible that a bridge existed that connected the narrow passage in the Puntar bay from the south. The name itself was first mentioned in written documents in 1377.

Today Punat is well know for olive oil production but most of all for tourism, especially nautical tourism. Located here is one of the largest and best equipped marinas on the east coast of Adriatic. In front of Punat, in the bay, is the forested islet Košljun, which is beautiful for its unique harmony of natural beauty and riches of culture and history.

The Tourist Board of Primorje-Gorje County

The Tourist Board of Punat

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