Gligora cheese from Pag is the best in the world

Gligora cheese from Pag  is the best cheese in the hard sheep cheese category at the World Cheese Championship competition which took place on 18th and 19th March in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. This is the first international recognition for Pag cheese outside Europe. The 30th World Cheese Championship biennial saw participation of 2,619 cheeses from 22 countries, which were judged by 50 international judges. In the hard cheese category, Croatian cheese factories submitted a total of six cheeses that were in competition with other cheeses from America, and Spain and Italy. Following strict testing and drying, the results were announced with the cheese from the Gligora Cheese Factory on the island of Pag taking the top prize, winning over such distinguished categories as special editions and Spanish reserves, which won other medals.   
Croatian cheese factories have been submitting cheeses for the World Cheese Championship since 2012, and this is the first triumph for a Croatian cheese at the competition. Pag cheese is a protected original product and recipient of numerous awards, and „Gligora“ has been recognized as one of the best cheeses in Croatia for many years.


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