Mali Lošinj – Days of Apoxyomenos and Antiquity

Mali Lošinj – Days of Apoxyomenos and Antiquity There are only seven surviving statues of the ancient Greek athlete Apoxyomenos in the world, one of which was found right here in Croatia. More than two thousand years old ancient bronze statue of an unknown author was found in 1999 in the sea near the island of Lošinj, wedged between two rocks at a depth of 45 meters. Over two thousand year old athlete was lifted from the depths of the sea and after almost seven years of restoration returned to its former glory.

The statue represents an athlete, a young sportsman at the moment of cleaning oil, dust and sweat from his body with a scraping tool, after a competition. During the restoration, which lasted almost seven years, while researching the material and style of workmanship, it was determined that the statue dates from 2nd-1st century BC, while the prototype which it was based on is considerably older, from the middle of the 4th century BC.

From the eight known variations of the Apoxyomenos prototype, the Lošinj statue is the most complete and best preserved. The author of the statue is unknown, but the classic beauty and quality of workmanship testify to a master craftsman.

The statue of Apoxyomenos, which was extracted from Lošinj`s seabed on 27 April 1999 will be permanently exhibited in Mali Lošinj, at the Kvarner Palace from the end of 2013. Once again this year the locals of Lošinj will take you back to the days of Apoxyomenos and Antiquity from 22 to 29 April, when you will be able to enjoy archaeological diving, antique jewelry and presentations of ancient hairstyles. There will be Roman baths and massages available for hotel guests. In Lošinj`s museum lectures and presentations will be held on the theme of the Croatian Apoxyomenos and a scientific conference on ‘Underwater Archaeology and finding the bronze statue of Apoxyomenos’ will be held on the 10 May.

Lošinj is a Kvarner island with a long tradition in tourism. It is covered with hiking trails along the coast which pass through numerous bays and old pine forests. Along with the many churches on the island, there is also a tower, erected in the 15th century for defense from pirate attacks from the sea. Also situated on the island is Rovenska, a small fishing port with beautiful beaches, a pier and a fishing tradition atmosphere, as well as the Park Forest and the famous climate health resort ‘Podjavori’. Due to the Mediterranean climate, clean air, preserved nature and environment, Lošinj was recognized as the island ideal for resting and health treatments in as early as the 19th century and was therefore named the island of vitality.

The Tourist Board of Primorsko-Goranska County

The Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj

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