Light Giants in the Uljanik shipyard in Pula

In addition to many monuments from the Antiquity and the Austro-Hungarian period, Pula is also known for its shipyard Uljanik which dates back to 1856, when it was built for the Austro-Hungarian navy. The foundation stone was laid by Empress Elisabeth of Austria on 9th December, and this date is celebrated as the birthday for one of the oldest shipyards in the world. To celebrate, the Tourist Board of the City of Pula, together with the City of Pula and Uljanik Ltd decided to hire Dean Skira, renowned light designer, and light up 8 cranes in the shipyard, creating a light installation called „Light Giants“. The project is organized together with Phillips, the lights manufacturer, and its importance in marketing potential and branding of the city has been widely recognized. The first lighting of the cranes will take place during the Visualia festival, 2-4  May.


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