The people of Čakovec are grateful to the Zrinski family, whose reign in the region brought a strong economic and cultural rise to Čakovec.
To show their lasting respect, and honour their memory, the summer programme of culture is organized in the town, where one can enjoy numerous performances and productions, concerts end exhibitions. In addition to all that, one of the most attractive events is the changing of the guards, the traditional Zrinski Guard, which takes place every Saturday in front of the Eagle - the monument to Nikola Zrinski. The summer of culture ends with the Fiesta of Our Lady of Angels, popularly known as Porcijunkula, the main parish fair in Čakovec where the entire population gathers to enjoy concerts, presentations of old crafts, art colonies, but also archery and equestrian competitions.


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  1. These festivals are really grand! How I love to participate!

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