Bisevo Porat beach

Bisevo, Porat beach
If you want to escape from it all, far from rush of hotel life and the impersonal atmosphere, little island of Bisevo might be the right place for you.
Bisevo is an island far into the open sea, southwest of the island of Vis. It has area of only 5.84 sq km with population 14 , but there is only one real permanent resident, an elderly lady. The settlements on the island are: Potok, Polje, Nevaja, Mezuporat and Salbunara.The hilly island, of limestone formation, reaches 140 m and in the middle of the island is a small field with vines and olive-groves. It is is a favorite destination of excursionists from Vis but also from other Dalmatian islands.
Thanks to fast boats it is reached very easily from more distant places and a half-day or one-day excursion will be a pleasant experience to everyone. First you visit the Blue Cave, then comes the swimming in one of the coves, and it is all followed by the obligatory fish lunch. The island has several caves, the most famous being the Blue Cave (Modra Spilja) or Blue Grotto. It resembles the cave on Capri, Italy, but is much more attractive and luxuriant. Around noon, when the sea is calm, sunbeams that penetrate through the submarine opening in the Blue Cave, reflect from the white bottom floor and colour the cave in blue and objects in the water in silver. The cave is accessible since 1884, and approach is possible only by boat.
The island is thought the year connected with Vis by a boat line.
The coast is characterized by a number of caves and immaculately clean and clear sea. One of the most beautiful is Porat with a beautiful large sandy beach. The beach is facing west and it is hidden from strong winds. There is a small beach bar and a fish restaurant where you can enjoy freshest food you can imagine and excellent Plavac wine from Bisevo. The coastal area is extremely rich in fish.
Without a doubt we can say that Bisevo is one of the rare untouched places in the Mediterranean, a true gem.

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  1. The island of Biševo, located 4.8 NM from the town of Komiža on the island of Vis, is known by its interesting coastline and an abundant sea bed. The strongest impression is imprinted by its caves that adorned Bisevo ...