Croatia - the best in region for overall quality of service

After a few years of being ranked second or third in the region by the overall quality of services, Croatia has this year broken out in the first place, ahead of Slovenia, which has for several years firmly held the top position. This was announced by the Heraklea, a company which has for years carried out mystery shopping projects in the country and abroad.

The study was conducted for the fourth consecutive year under the title GUEST (Greet, Understand, Explain, Suggest, Thank). It was conducted in six countries - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia, where mystery shoppers visited 800 different facilities such as car salons, restaurants, banks, retail outlets, telecommunications companies, gas stations, supermarkets and service facilities.
Mystery shoppers focused on five basic elements of good service: greeting, identification of customers’ needs/desires, product presentation, offering an additional product and thanking the customer for visiting.

Croatia came in the first place with a score of 76.03 percent, Slovenia with 75.09 percent, while Montenegro came in last with 62.33 percent, removing Bosnia and Herzegovina from the last place.
Croatia has recorded the best results in the service sector.



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