Christmass Fair

At the time of the December holidays the Unesco World Heritage City of Dubrovnik will shine with magical decorations and sparkle with fairy lights, creating the atmosphere of a fairy-tale renaissance city. In the month of gift giving the Christmas Fair will take place.Traditional crafts will be presented, and handicrafts, Christmas decorations, candles, toys, glassware, embroidery, ceramics, porcelain and all the objects which the artists' hands manufactured for Christmas will be displayed. The caterers will offer Christmas cookies, sweet delicacies, mulled wine, bruštulani mjenduli (candied almonds), and traditional Dubrovnik sweet delicacies including kontonjata (quince cheese), mantala (must cheese), prikle (doughnuts), hrostule (deep fried biscuits) and other delicacies prepared for this holiday time.  


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