Rab Fjera, Rab

A unique event in Croatia, the Mediaeval Summer Fair 'Rabska fjera' is based on historical heritage and places the highest importance on the nurturing and development of indigenous and traditional values. Those participating in the Rab Fair are the island's craftsmen and artisans, who are actively engaged in practising and preserving the existence of their crafts, which also existed and ensured people's existence in the Middle Ages, as well as various associations and art clubs, which are voluntarily engaged in traditional crafts and in nurturing traditional values as well as making local products and preserving the local way of life. The Fair has been held in its current form since 2002, when the local district festive days were re-introduced. They were first established in 14th century in the honour of King Ljudevit Veliki, who liberated Rab from Venetians, and of St. Christopher, protector of the Town of Rab. These festivities were held to worship the relics of St. Christopher who, according to the legend, saved Rab.


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