Zagreb enlisted in the Louis Vuitton City Guide 2012

The prestige Louis Vuitton City Guide 2012 has enlisted Zagreb in its luxury edition of European city travel guides and thus put Zagreb side by side with Paris, Athens, Moscow, Barcelona and London. This is the 13th edition, linked to one of the most famous world fashion houses, the French Louis Vuitton. Zagreb is the only city from Croatia which has been listed in the guide.

Louis Vuitton City Guide offers exclusive advice about restaurants, cafes, shops, museums and galeries worth visiting. This collection of European cities is made up of nine booklets, with 31 popular European destinations and holds more than 7000 adresses on 2000 pages.

As opposed to most guides, this one does not contain photographs of the featured cities but very interesting illustrations drawn by Ruben Toledo, a famous Cuban illustrator, painter, sculptor and fashion critic.

The guide about Zagreb begins with an interview with one of the biggest Croatian art collectors, Veljko Marton and his reccomendations and carries on with a list of chosen hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, designer stores, museums and parks. All the most important details about Zagreb are pointed out on 40 pages, and especially mentioned were ‘štrukle`, Britanski Trg (the British Square), the Meštrović Atelier and the promenade in the centre of Zagreb.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb

Louis Vuitton


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